Thursday, March 8, 2012

Survey Says... RUNNER'S KNEE!!!

So, my visit to the doctor went something like this, just about the :30 mark... 


Yep, it's not a stress fracture, nothing to do with a meniscus tear, no ACL issues and not bursitis.  Just plain ol' runner's knee.  Per doctor's advice, I'm to slather the sucker up with Biofreeze and run like the wind Sunday. 

And strengthen my quads like it's my full-time business. 

Also, I now have a referral to an orthopedist specializing in sports medicine.  Because, "You don't need to see him now, but you will at some point.  All runners need an orthopedist at some point."  My doctor has two sisters who run.  Clearly, she knows, lol!

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