Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reprise: Diamonds on the Soles of my – OWWWW!!!

So much for the “Perfect Running Shoes.”  They are now on a UPS truck, bound for the returns department at Road Runner Sports.  In their wake, they've left me with a very painful right knee and possibly related achy ankle.

Naturally, this comes less than a week before my first timed 5K.  Shoes aren’t a problem – I have my old running shoes that do not lead to injuries;  they’re worn enough that I don’t want to put many more miles on them, but they’ll be fine for a 5K until I get new ones.  The knee, however, is a problem.

P. R. O. B. L. E. M.

I can walk on it with minimal or no pain, but a few running strides and OUCH!  Piercing pain just below and to the inside of my knee cap, extending its reach like slithering tentacles of fire down and across my shin, meeting up with a less intense variety of pain coming up from my outside ankle.  I see my doctor Thursday, three days before the race.  My hope is that she’ll agree to a shot of cortisone and some good wrapping to get through the 5K, after which a week or two of rest will bring me right back on track.  Unrealistic?  Maybe.  But I’m hopeful, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, I took some strides (heh, heh, pun intended) to prepare for the longer runs coming up in my training program...

A couple more pairs of my new favorite socks by Smartwool, compression sleeves for shins/calves and ankles, and a couple different fuels to try: CLIF SHOT BLOKS® and Honey Stinger™ Energy Chews.   I lovelovelove CLIF Bars, so I figured the SHOT BLOKS (just to be clear, I’m not randomly capitalizing here – that’s how CLIF advertises them and I’m following suit) were worth a  try, and the Honey Stingers have a little protein in them, which seems like a good idea.  I haven’t had a chance to try either of them yet (curse you, right knee!), but I’ll report back when I do.

I did get to try the compression sleeves, though…  and to quote the Monkees (RIP Davy Jones), I’m a believer!  What a difference the shin/calf sleeves made in recovery after even a short run.  Note that I got them in orange, which turns out to be the exact color of orange sherbet.  I salivate every time I see them, which maybe isn’t great for my diet.  They’re not real great for my running wardrobe, either; it consists of all black bottoms, but my shirts are lime-green, royal blue, purple and fuchsia.  Add in my new (coming soon) lime-green and purple shoes, plus the sherbet-hued compression sleeves, and I’ll look like an escapee from Cirque du freaking-Soleil.  


  1. Sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it heals quickly. I really like Honey Stinger chews, but I never realized they have protein. I just eat them because they taste good!

  2. Thanks so much - I'll post an update in a minute... it's good news.
    LOL, I think there's only a gram of protein per serving in the Honey Stingers, but what the heck, right?! Glad to hear they're yummy; I was hoping so! Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  3. seriously nice shopping trip there! I had a knee issue last year as well...turned out it was a stress fracture! So, baby it even if you just want to get out there and run!