Tuesday, October 29, 2013

15K views! And Fuzzy FastPass+

I don't have anything new and exciting to report about running.  But I do have an exciting announcement about this blog...

It just hit over 15,000 pageviews!  I'm not a numbers gal, and not even the Fuzziest of math will ever help me analyze web data, but 15,000 is a pretty big number for a dinky little blog.  So thanks for reading, sharing and making my Fuzzy world feel warm and, well... fuzzy!

Note: Googling "warm fuzzy" is interesting... in a super creepy way. This was the least creepy image I saw. Shout-out to oopsydaisyblog.com for being fuzzy, not creepy.

And now, I'd like to direct you to my other, non-running-specific blog, for some Fuzzy FastPass+ info.  I'm off to the Mother Ship, Walt Disney World, this weekend and will be trying out the whole Magic Band/ FastPass+ thingy.


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