Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Make a New Plan, Stan... er, V.

So, having registered for the Glass Slipper Challenge… which comes on the heels of the WDW Half-Marathon… which is preceded by a late October Halloween Halfathon… which immediately follows the Tower of Terror 10-Miler…

I need a PLAN.

Not just any plan.  A Plan that’ll get me through these races without injury.  A Plan that’ll prevent physical and mental burnout.  A Plan that helps me improve my pace.  A Plan that also allows for a social life outside of convening with pavement.  (Not that I have one of those – a social life – but I’d settle for some nap time in its place…)  In short, I need a Plan with the strength and precision of a D-Day invasion.

I got to work on creating said Plan before I even registered for the Glass Slipper Challenge (GSC).  I started with Jeff Galloway’s Time Improvement Plan for the Wine & DineHalf-Marathon (I’m not racing that one, but it’s near the date of my October half, so it seemed like a good pick), and cross-pollinated it with his Tower10-Miler Time Improvement Plan.  Then, I added a layer of his Dumbo Double Dare Plan (because there isn’t a plan yet for the GSC), and filled in the small gap between it and the Wine & Dine Plan with Galloway’s WDW Half-Marathon Time Improvement Plan.  Finally, I sprinkled on top a bit of Hal Higdon’s distance training plans and filled in my own cross-training/strength training regimen.  And…


Note how I’ve pre-scheduled myself at the ER every other week.  That’s pro-active, baybee.

No, no, I’m not really planning on being in the ER!  Not that often, anyway.

ER = Easy Recovery run
ST = Strength Training
Hills = bridge repeats… we don’t have hills here in coastal Florida
MM = Galloway’s “Magic Mile”

I’ll make the final call as I get to that time, but my thought is to race the 10-Miler for time, spend a couple weeks recovering well, race the Halloween Halfathon hard for time, recover and build up again to race the WDW Half for time, recover and build again to race the Enchanted 10K hard for time and go easy on the Princess Half the next day.  We’ll see.

Anyone else getting their Plans in order? 


  1. Me. I haven't signed up yet as my budget needs to recover from the Glass Slipper Challenge, but have decided to do the Jazz Half Marathon for Children's Hospital in October, so it's time to resurrect my Half training plan. Then, if the Princess training plan is any guide, it will be time to start straight into GSC training. I, also, downloaded the Dumbo Double Dare plan to start wrapping my mind around it and maybe even trying some of it out! (Recently new follower, too, btw) :)

  2. Wow! You have a very busy race schedule!! Sounds like you have a good plan to tackle it all! I am too doing GSC and Tink the month before. I have a 1/2 on October 20 and then a 10 miler on the 26th!!
    Keep up the great work! I really enjoy reading your blog!

    Thanks for participating in our RunDisney Blog Hop!! Excited to read more from you!