Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Getting DEEP

WOW, it’s been a busy, busy couple of weeks!  Lots to report here, but I’m not a fan of reading overly long blog posts, and I bet you aren’t, either.  So I’ll keep it short(ish) and break it all up into a few posts.




Guess who’s back?  Hint: it’s not Slim Shady.  Though I hear he’ll be back.  Too.

No, I’m talking about IT Band Syndrome (ITBS).  Ever notice that I never said I had it beat?  That’s because I never believed it was actually gone.  I hoped, of course, and I even started to think maybe I’d banished it forever… but it’s back.  And… in my other leg. 


Heeeeeeeere's Johnny!
If my IT Band had a face, I'm pretty sure it would look like this.

Seriously?!  Yes.  Same story, different leg.  I’m pretty sure a combination of things brought it on during my last long run of 11 miles – increased mileage (can’t be helped), with prolonged time on one side of our super-slanty sidewalks (should’ve run a more flat, even route), in new shoes (still love ‘em, but they are a little different than what I’m used to), and compensation for my mostly-but-not-completely-healed knee sprain.  Too much.

So, here I am again, hoping for a miracle so I can run the upcoming Tower of Terror 10-Miler.  In less than three weeks.

I’m seeing the Miracle Worker (aka my chiropractor).
I’m foam rolling like a boss.
I’m stretching.
I’m reducing mileage after a week off entirely.
I’m strength training.


I’m using this bad boy:

Get your mind out of the gutter, PRONTO!

Oh yeah.  Why in precious heck doesn’t anyone recommend a personal deep tissue massager for ITBS, tight glutes, shin splints, etc.?!  The Miracle Worker uses one on me to stretch the IT Band and I believe it’s the #1 thing that aided my recovery last time around.  But I can’t afford to visit the Miracle Worker every day.

I found my Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager on Amazon for $32.55, paid for with American Express reward points.  Boo-freaking-ya.  This thing is amazing – I’m smoothing out knots and adhesions, I’m stretching my IT Bands, and when I’m done, I’m giving my shoulders some much needed kneading.

How many thumbs up? A solid TWO.  I’d give more, but that’s all I’ve got.


  1. HA!!!! That last picture... guilty! lol Okay, you go girl. You are going to lick this and be amazing at ToT! I feel ya on ITBS- you know I've had my bouts with it too. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Okay, have to admit the brain actually WASN'T going there until you said it. Hahahahahaha.... Being an expert on ITBS (insert Jack's face here), I can tell you my miracle worker/combined with her massage therapist partner in crime, combined with rolling, stretching, new shoes, and my trusty portable EMS unit, have helped. The only down side...have to keep my pace slow and stride short. Oh, and new stuff - running with a metronome. Makes you take shorter strides, keeps your cadence even, and leaves you with enough energy for a kick at the end. Look up the info on ChiRunning. Good luck!
    Kimberley :)

  3. Seriously - WHY did Wahl have to shape it... like that?!?! smh

    Thanks, ladies! I'm feeling pretty optimistic, since I caught it early this time.

    Kimberley, I'm a total anomaly: I'm naturally a forefoot/midfoot runner and my natural cadence is around 186-192! If I didn't need walk breaks for my asthmatic lungs, I'd be flying. ;)

  4. Hi Ladies! We will also be at the #tower10miler at the Health and Fitness Expo! We are giving away FREE Recovery-On-The-Go wraps. They combine compression and cooling all in one wrap, AND they come in 7 colors!

    Come by the Dr. Cool booth and check us out! Here's what we are all about - http://bit.ly/1453cZx

    See you there!

    The Doctor

  5. So cool, Dr. Cool! (Like my pun?! Yeah, lame, I know...) I'll defintely look for you at he expo - thanks for the heads up!