Friday, May 3, 2013

Once a Princess...

I have a race in two days.

A 10K.

My first 10K.

I should be overflowing with pre-race excitement and anxiety.

And I am.  Only… not so much about this race.

Know why?  Because of THIS:

If you’ll recall, I promised to reduce the number of runDisney events in my life.  And I pretty much swore off a Princess Half for 2014.  And I registered for the WDW Half.  But THIS changes everything.


Well, for starters, the Glass Slipper Challenge 10K/half-marathon is an inaugural event.  That means first, TFI.  First is good.  First is special.  First is… well, first!  I’m a total sucker for first.

And then there’s the three-medals-for-two-races thing.  I’m not medal driven; earning a medal is a nice treat, but totally not a big motivator for me.  But earning three, with one of them likely to be in the shape of a shoe?  Well, that’s another story, entirely.

So, yeah.  I’m a little distracted.  I cannot – can not – afford to add the Glass Slipper Challenge to my race schedule, physically or financially.  But I can transfer my WDW Half to the Princess weekend… :)

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