Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's the Journey


I’ve had a couple weeks to ponder my disappointment after the Tower of Terror 10-Miler and I’ve come to some conclusions:

True, it wasn’t the performance for which I’d trained… but it was the training that enabled me to cross that finish line, injured or otherwise.  The super-fly, glowy-in-the-darky medal doesn’t represent my efforts on one night, but the efforts put in over several long, hot, sweaty months of running, cross-training, eating right and getting it done, even when life stood in the way.  And the running, cross-training and eating right has resulted in a 41-year-old body that feels strong, efficient, and healthy.

In the heat of the moment (literally – what was the race temp? Somewhere between “Amazon” and “Hades”?), I couldn’t see beyond being let down by an injury.  But I’m finding now that it was the journey to the race that matters most and that, if I may be so immodest, I ROCKED that journey.  So I now look at my medal every day with pride, awe and amazement… little ol’ me finished a 10-mile race.  Cool.  Way, way cool. 

Now it’s time to move forward and face my next goal… the BIG goal… the 2013 runDisney Princess Half-Marathon.  My training plan (thank you, Jeff Galloway!) has already begun, and you know what?  I’m actually feeling pretty good about it.  I’m going in with the mindset of enjoying every moment of the journey to get there, not just the couple hours it takes to finish the race.  Let’s DO THIS!

My daily motivation - bling and a new sticker for my car.

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