Friday, June 1, 2012

Breaking News - you want to do WHAT?!

Well, color me stunned.  Amazed.  Shocked.  Flummoxed, even.

Leo, my 10-year-old son, and I had a little chat last night.  About future Disney planning.  He was browsing our most recent issue of the Disney Vacation Club member magazine and came across a runDisney page that lists all of the upcoming WDW races.  Leo wanted to know which long ones I’ll be doing and when he and I might do another race.  The next possible one we could do happens to be Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K associated with the Wine & Dine Half-Marathon in November.

“Cool!” Leo exclaimed when I explained that the Jingle Jungle 5K will be run through the Animal Kingdom park, “Let’s do that one!”

“Cool,” indeed!  Except that we’ve been planning a return trip to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the end of October and my budget simply can’t cover the expense of that and a race weekend within weeks of each other.  Now, I love me some Not So Scary partying, but we’ve been doing the party for years; I’d be okay skipping it this time.  But I was quite sure Leo wouldn’t be.  Still…

“Leo, we can’t afford to do both the Halloween party weekend and the Jingle Jungle weekend.  Which would you rather do?”

And that’s when the shock came…

“The race!” proclaimed Leo, with a grin the size of a Buick.

Really?!  My boy would rather do a silly 5K race than party down with the Mouse in full Halloween regalia?  Give up the stellar Boo to You parade and mesmerizing Hallowishes fireworks display in favor of a cheap, over-logoed T-shirt and a rubber finisher’s medal???

Yep.  I asked again this morning, thinking he may have changed his mind after sleeping on it, but no – he’s all about doing the race instead of the Party.

What a neat kid.  Bring on the Jingle Jungle!

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